Premium Surgical Caps
Surgical head caps play an important role in the collage of measures to prevent infection in the operating room. The hygienist's need to completely cover head and air to prevent particles from falling off is important as is the need for the material be breathable. The cap material is a special elastic viscose non-woven textile that fits itself optimally to the head of its wearer. Non-Sterile, Disposable, Non-Irritating, Latex Free, Fiberglass Free, Hygienic, Anti-Sweat, Easy Breathing, Soft & Suitable

Hitit Cap
First perfectly and has a generous neck area. Just two features that speak for tihs popular cap model. The elastic band is in the neck area. Art. Nr. SL-2850 - Blue
Art. Nr. SL-2843 - Green

Ephesus Cap
A cap variable cap to suit your needs. The forehead is generously cut; it can be folded to fit the forehead or a steat band. Art. Nr. SL-2836 - Blue
Art. Nr. SL-2829 - Green

Cappadocia Cap
Elastic edge is comfortable to wear even for longer hair.
Art. Nr. SL-2751 - Blue
Art. Nr. SL-2744 - Green

Lara Cap
Especially suited for long, full hair. Elastic band around the middle, sides and neck area ensures that the cap sits perfectly.
Art. Nr. SL-2874 - Blue
Art. Nr. SL-2867 - Green

Anatolian Cap
Comfort range is made of highly permeable meterial absorbing perspiration. Suitable especially for long time surgeries and is suitable for working in higher temperature places.
Art. Nr. SL-2737 - Blue
Art. Nr. SL-2720 - Green

Troy Light Cap
It is fitted with an elastic band all the way around. Comfortable to wear in the operating room. Also it used as patient cap. Tcap sits comfortably and is suited to long hair.
Art. Nr. SL-2201 - Blue
Art. Nr. SL-2195 - Green

Assos Astro Cap
An optimal choice for surgeons but also great for the entire surgical team. It completely covers the head and offers a very high level ol comfort.
Art. Nr. SL-2393 - Blue
Art. Nr. SL-2379 - Green

Assos Astro Plus Cap
Like the Sterillife Assos Astro Cap, but with a built in sweat band to offer even greater comfort. Art. Nr. SL-2416 - Blue
Art. Nr. SL-2409 - Green