Surgical Gown
Germ and fluid resistant gown made from SMS and PP mattrial. Available in all sizes as standard or as high risk gown. Suitable for operation theatres. Fixed with ties at the back side.

Surgical Gown
Art. Nr. GS-3055 - Green (SMS)
Art. Nr. GS-8326 - Green (SMS- with barrier)
Art. Nr. GS-8296 - Green (PP- with barrier)

Re Usable Gown
Art. Nr. GS-9736 - Blue
Art. Nr. GS-9737 - Green

Surgical Gown-PP
Microbes and disrupt the flow of liquid-barrier gowns made of PP non-woven fabric.
Art. Nr. GS-8296-Green (PP - with barrier)

Vinly Gown-PE
Microbes and prevents fluid flow apron (PE) the operation and is suitable for the food sector.
Art. Nr. GV-9224 - Blue

Examination Gown - PP
Art. Nr. GE-8234 - Green

Visitor Gown
Art. Nr. GP-3277 - White (Laced)
Art. Nr. GP-3413 - White (Velcro)
Art. Nr. GP-8722 - Blue (Laced)
Art. Nr. GP-8739 - Green (Laced)

Patient Gown
Art. Nr. GP-3352 - White
Art. Nr. GP-3321 - Green
Art. Nr. GP-8708 - Navy Blue

Protective Coverall
Art. Nr. GC-9248 - White

Dental Patient Gown - PP
Art. Nr. DH-3350 - White
Art. Nr. DH-3604 - Blue
Art. Nr. DH-3628 - Green

Dental Apron-Paper - Paper PE
Art. Nr. DH-9408 - White (50Ad/roll)
Art. Nr. DH-9420 - White (80Ad/roll)

Protective Food Gown-PE
Art. Nr. GF-3680 - White

Protective Food Gown-PE
Art. Nr. GF-3673 - White (Fabric Oflaminated)